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Our headquarter is located in a small manor in French Normandy. We have started operations in 1985 under the name “Agro Technologie”, which had designed the Durofel in cooperation with the french research center Ctifl Agrosta is a fully integrated company. Our workshop is equipped with machines for electronics and mechanical parts. Most of the production machines we are using have been designed and assembled by our team That’s the reason why our ‘time to market’ is very short, we design machines adapted to our clients requirements within a few weeks, and we can personalize some parts according to clients requests Our sales have increased a lot with internet, and we have sold our instruments and machines in 53 different countries till now. Our main markets are UK, Usa, Canada, Chili, South Africa and Spain. Less than 5% of our turnover comes from our Home country, France. In the last 5 years, Agrosta became the world reference in texture and firmness measurement. That’s the reason why we are now designing instruments for assisting human surgery concerning Breasts and Brain Tumors. Turnover increase from 2011 till august 2017 :

Laurent Klotz

Founder and owner of Agrosta, Laurent is a french engineer and researcher He has worked on major world scientific projects, like the CERN of Geneva new LHC line (That did discover the Higgs boson), Ariane 5 and Soyuz rockets self-destruction system, fiber optics for nuclear research… Having worked for the major aerospace groups, as well as for instruments companies like Schlumberger, Laurent became a specialist of materials and instruments With Agrosta, he decided to focus on texture, and became a world specialist in texture analysers, firmness testers, combined machines for materials characterization He has worked on more than 30 different projects worldwide with universities, governments and private companies in the fields of agronomy, veterinary research, medicine, food industry And is now recognized as a world specialist of texture analysis, involved in all main scientific projects in this field worldwide : Texture of brain tumors, Deep pectoral myopathy of poultry, Research on tomatoes and blueberries new varieties..
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